“Vektormenschen” – Album Release

Finally, a #spielsachen album.

The Spielsachen series of videos has been running for some time now – and has recently celebrated the 50th video in the series. Yet, there never was an album.

Until now.

Taking input from a period of roughly one year, more precisely between 25.12.2019 and 6.1.2021, this album is once again something that refuses to work because of the stilistic diversity, only sticking with the overarching guideline of being bass-heavy.

It’s on bandcamp, it’s what I consider reasonably priced. And there’s also a track by track post if you want to know more about the actual content.

Further Info

There’s a track-by-track. And info on the website.

The album might be free for a few days directly after release. Also, there’s the next Bandcamp Friday on February 5th 2021 – which means you should use that day if you plan to buy something off bandcamp (not only from my stuff).

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