A New Synth – Korg Volca Kick

The christmas season does have advantages – like receiving gifts which, in the best case, are a Korg Volca Kick. This latest offering in Korg’s highly interesting Volca series of small, low-priced synthesizers, follows suit on the Beats, Bass, Keys, Sample and FM. “Kick”, so that means it can only do kick sounds, making it […]

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Review: Elektron Analog Rytm

So I got this Elektron Analog Rytm, on my quest to assemble (possibly) an all-analogue setup for making a synth album. Before I start diving into the feature lineup, and still later into some hands-on experience, I’d like to start with a Prologue: Why I got it Hardware drum machines/groove boxes had been almost removed […]

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Audio Engineering Myths: “Linearity”

Perhaps the most ill-used term in audio technology, be it home entertainment, studio technology, or even musicians’ effects, is the term of “linearity”. This article talks about the scientific definition, what consequences it has, and what in our world is typically desired to be linear and what is not. And finally, what those other things are really called. Explanation of time-invariance is included for bonus.

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