It’s been a Ride – 30 Years of Moinlabs

One day, I took a recently recorded compact cassette from a cassette deck, wrote something on the J-card and called that my first album release.

That was exactly 30 years ago.

Time to look back at the story of 30-odd Moinlabs releases (which is also linked with the technology behind it, but mainly with my musical development), and at the future of it.

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That was 2012

Moved to a different town for the first time in my life. Took a new job, lost/quit that job, took a new one and am happy doing so. Continued in my most complex musical project so far – #secretalbum – had to reorganize that during the year and released an album from that project by end of the year. Read on for details…

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Moinlabs Cover Design: The “Vertex Series” comes to an end

Relatively unnoticed by the general public, Moinlabs’ “vertex series” in album cover design has come to its end with the release of “Akustik Kies: Reflexiv Hören”: Starting with “Weird Specialist” (2007), the cover art of all official releases has been built around geometric shapes with a decreasing number of vertices – from a rectangle to a circle. Read all about this series here!

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