Erlanger Programm – The Album Is Here!

“Erlanger Programm” has been in the works for almost a year – now it’s here! Jay!

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Eclectic Blah – Album Release Announcement

Nearly a decade after Eclectic Blah was disbanded, the album is to be released Sunday 23.2.14 on bandcamp. Taken from various concerts, this brings together the best (and possibly most accessible) from Eclectic Blah’s mission statement: everything must be radically freely improvised, and everything must be danceable.

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Moinlabs Cover Design: The “Vertex Series” comes to an end

Relatively unnoticed by the general public, Moinlabs’ “vertex series” in album cover design has come to its end with the release of “Akustik Kies: Reflexiv Hören”: Starting with “Weird Specialist” (2007), the cover art of all official releases has been built around geometric shapes with a decreasing number of vertices – from a rectangle to a circle. Read all about this series here!

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