My new babe: Nord Modular G2

Ok, this is about the new babe who shares my bedroom with me. She’s small, powerful, and dressed all in red. Yes, I’m talking about the Nord Modular G2 synthesizer. This is all but a full-blown review, rather more of a short summary. Now I already hinted at my love for modular synthesis things in […]

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Frequency Modulation or Phase Modulation? – Synthesizer Technologies

FM synthesis (short for “frequency modulation synthesis”) became all the rage with the release of the DX7 synthesizer. Yet people tend to point out that what this synth implemented was in fact not FM synthesis, but PM (phase modulation) synthesis. So it stands to reason to ask: what does this change? is there any difference at all? Read on for some insights – from pure math to actual synthesizer applications.

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