“A tätowierte Katz’ ” – another #twitterchords tune

There was this idea for a jazz trio track based on #twitterchords, but there was no jazz trio available.
But if you don’t have something, create it. Read on for the story of “A tätowierte Katz'” (a cat with tatoos)!

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“SAUSTOI” – the #twitterchords submission

Once again, Matt Stevens had a strange idea: http://bit.ly/cuzJty – and once again, I did participate.

“Saustoi” is my contribution to this project, including a style which may be called “Bavarian Progressive Death Metal” (or Progressive Bavarian Death Metal?). Credits: Fostex Guitar – Jan Kühner, various electric and acoustic guitars and bass guitars, melodica, synths and drum sequencing – Rainer Straschill (and odd vocals, too)

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