Quality Gates (and Eclectic Blah)

Yesterday, I had to officially accept that the happy Status 5 was approved a little early. Interestingly, this was not an issue with the Edit&Mix results, nor was it with the Layout lane (which is swimming along nicely and in perfect schedule sync), but the mastering part. This process thing requires that for milestone 5, […]

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The Track Gap in the 21st Century – sequencing your albums right today

The digital download of a package of audio files has become the most relevant format for distribution of music albums – if not for the big players, then certainly for the independent artist (including this author). However, how does the track spacing – the track gaps – work in this format? Is it like in the olden days, that once you had a great master, it was ensured that everyone listened to the album the same way you intended it? I decided to find out.

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