That was 2014

This year, I’m a few days late. Quite a few, actually, at least if you consider that from most people, you get that kind of post in the “time between the years”, i.e. between the Christmas days and Epiphany. In summary, there was quite a number of musical releases, including meeting some of the targets […]

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That was 2013

This is the time of the year when – like every year – I tend to look back on what has happened, and also to look forward to what will happen. Items addressed include #secretalbum, Erlanger Programm, Eclectic Blah, synthesizers and some personal stuff.

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That was 2012

Moved to a different town for the first time in my life. Took a new job, lost/quit that job, took a new one and am happy doing so. Continued in my most complex musical project so far – #secretalbum – had to reorganize that during the year and released an album from that project by end of the year. Read on for details…

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