Review: Makenoise René Mk.2

This is a tricky one. Do I like it, or rather not? I’m not so sure. To find out why that is, you’ll have to read on.

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Review: Squarp Hermod

I finally took the time to deep-dive the Squarp Hermod Eurorack sequencer a little. Are you interested in this one? You should be!

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Review: Behringer Neutron

There’s maybe no other manufacturer who has received as much bashing as Behringer has. Ranging from “they took our jobs” over “crappy and for kids” to “even if it’s good, it makes my heart cry”. That last comment was targeted at Behringer’s DeepMind analogue polysynth, which takes not just a little bit of inspiration from […]

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Review: Korg Minilogue

In Korg’s quest to become the one-stop-shop for all synth needs, the “Logue” series encompasses the analogue(-hybrid) keyboard synths. The Minilogue is a true four-voice analogue polysynth. Is this really a proper polysynth at a great price, or just another toy synth with four voices?

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Review: Moog DFAM

Following the current (semi-)modular trend, Moog has expanded their lineup with the Drummer From Another Mother: a combo of a sequencer and some sound sources aimed at drums and grooves – or is it?

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