Erlanger Programm: Sustainable Themes

The first “theme reuse” I had thought up was that of part D’s main theme to be used in part b (to be played on guitar). I opted for an acoustic guitar (mockup in HALion) and had a look at the theme from D.
The main theme for part D (for melodica)
The main theme for part D (for melodica)
A rather simple one. I decided to rearrange it to be more of chordal playing, and that with very widely-spaced chords, again into a big reverb. Putting that into the tonal context of part b was another thing – you may remember that it was defined by harmonies implicitly coming from those pitched pulses, which would also modulate from Ab Lydian to F 2-1.
For starters, I transposed the guitar part from D Dorian to Ab Lydian. Next, I looked at the tonality implicitly defined by those underlying harmonies, and transposed each chord so it would fit that region diatonically – at this time, consciously working with some dissonances (which, as the guitar chords had their voices spread wide, worked just nicely).

A Lucky Punch

Next on the theme front was the reverberated and reversed trombone for part d – right now, I only had the rain noises for this part. I obviously was on a run at this moment, and had the trombone part written out in no time, which I did then implement using a Kontakt patch in HALion.
That was a lucky punch - the trombone theme for part d, then reused to remove the writer's block in A.
That was a lucky punch – the trombone theme for part d, then reused to remove the writer’s block in A.
Of course, the modulation from B wholetone to D Dorian was taken care of implicitly. A last, sustained D note ended this theme (which extended for the better of the whole part), and went on into the first bar of D – something to remember when I work on the end of this part, and this in turn might also require attention for the start of a’.
Working on part A had been put on hold for some time, simply because I didn’t get alon with everything happening after the first ABA’ theme structure. I had already implemented a part using an electric guitar repeating the first section of the theme, but it didn’t work.
The idea here was to use a twelve-string acoustic guitar to play the chords, bringing the instrumentation to electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar and timpani. But I still didn’t know where to go from there. Wait a minute…why not reuse that trombone part?
Transposing, retrograding and diminishing/augmenting as I saw fit, the harmonization fell into place almost automatically. And with that, I had moved around that very specific writer’s block.

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