Erlanger Programm: A Change of Deadline

So I’ll start with the relevant info: the release date has been shifted (and an exact date is still not given): rather than “still within 2015”, the Erlanger Programm release will move to Q1/2016. When exactly? I won’t tell right now – but assume by end of February. More details by end of this year.

The Reason

People following this blog or my twitter rants have already noticed: MoinSound Studio has a new major version number – and in my logic, this means a move to a new location.

As of today, the techie stuff has been set up for some time, and the acoustic treatment of the room has come a great way, and is to be completed around turn of the year.

With the new location comes the rest of the condo to take care of (also, that’s mostly done, but only mostly), and a new job – which, starting in November, resulted in business travel, to extend through most of December.

All in all, as of today, the studio is still not ready (and to be ready about the time the album had its original release date target), I don’t have much time to spare…what else is there to say?

Still to be done

A lot of the stuff before generating the mix has already been done, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing remaining.

I have costed the remaining tasks in getting the completed mix at around 50 net hours – which would be roughly one week of work. Or, considering doing it in the spare time (and being away for most of the actual week), and still having other things to do (like completing furnishing the studio), this will well extend to around six weekends – and with that, we’re already in 2016.

There’s the mastering job: this will start after the studio has been completed, and for this, I’m gonna use the trial version of the latest WaveLab version to see if an upgrade makes sense – which also means learning a new toy (and let’s not forget, learn the new room’s acoustics as well).

And finally, there’s cover design, where I have a proper concept, but not so much of actual work done.

Summarizing this, a release date in February 2016 is very realistic. And one still in 2015 is out of the question.

A possible recovery plan?

First of all, making do without the sound design tasks and minimizing on those fancy editing/mixing chores would bring down efforts considerably.

For the master, I could do a quick job, or outsource. Same goes for cover art.

So even with the ancillary conditions explained above, 2015 would still be possible – but it’s my choice to rather do it right than in 2015.

And with that, I leave you with a snapshot of MoinSound Studio 4.0



MoinSound Studio 4.0 as of 151127

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