A few Behringer Neutron Patches

Velocity Control

Don’t you just hate it when a synth doesn’t offer velocity control? Well, maybe only if you grew up with an acoustic piano and entered the synth world in a time when the big names were D-50 and M1.

The Neutron can do velocity control. You need to put velocity onto the Assign jack, though:

Velocity Control

Brutal Neutron

That age-old trick to connect the headphone out to the external audio in and then make the filter more angry. Arturia have made this the namesake of all their hardware synthesizers.

With the Neutron, the relevant components (headphone out, audio in and headphone volume) are on the back.

Brutal Neutron.jpg

Third Oscillator

I got this trick from the 0-Coast where with some tricks you can turn the contour envelope into an oscillator. Here, using one of the envelopes:

Third Oscillator

Faking Karplus

It’s not really the real thing, but: Env2 generates percussive clicks, which are then sent into the filter.

Faking Karplus.jpg

The DFAM as a Lead Synth

DFAM provides the signal path, Neutron adds MIDI-to-gate/CV and two ADSR envelopes. Use the sequencer for modulating FM.

DFAM Leadsynth.jpg

Beefy Bass Drum

The Neutron has a very solid low-frequency fundament, so why not use it as a bass drum synth? I always enjoy using three envelopes for that, so a Doepfer A-140 ADSR controls pitch in this one. Massive!

Beefy Drum.jpg

5 thoughts on “A few Behringer Neutron Patches

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your information regarding Neutron patching. I’m new in patching. How to learn how to patch synths ?

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