Spielsachen: “Le Culchranque”

Using the semimodular-centric analogue setup, which is coming together nicely, this is a fist kind-of-a-composition. Meaning I programmed and sequenced some patterns (on the Hermod and Analog Rytm), rehearsed the track, then recorded it.

I also used the SQ1 and the DFAM as sequencers.

For completeness, this is what the A-100 looked like today:

This is dub. Meaning four BBD delays aren’t enough, so I added another one.

Practically all of the oscillators (and most of the other stuff) were used in this, at least in part.


Post Scriptum

I said a lot about that “Five Ninjas” track I was working on. Which is a combo of a riff and a vamp from “Take Five” and the general structure from the intro to “The Last Ninja 3”. It’s in three different meters. That is a problem with the hardware sequencers I have. Maybe I try it with the system controlled by Ableton Live.

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