“grummelig” – Album Release Announcement

It’s here.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce today’s release of grummelig.

Based on some ideas I had in mid-November last year, which culminated in a project greenlight by mid-December, this turned out rather surprising (at least to me), and also rather surprisingly well (also, to me).

Entropy and Low Frequency

If there’s two defining ideas on this album, it’s noise and bass. Which is interesting, because it doesn’t end up as genre-typical noise or bass music.

Among modular synths, compact cassettes, pitched-down bass guitars and the usual piano track, this album tells a story.

Which is odd, as it doesn’t have (or wasn’t planned) with any extra-musical narrative in mind. So I’m looking forward to read which story it might tell you.


As usual, further info on this blog, on twitter, and on moinlabs.de.

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