Your Top 10 of my Stuff

After I wrote this, I discovered that the way bandcamp works it didn’t show the stuff from Eclectic Blah or #secretalbum. So this post was hastily revised

Without further ado, this is what you listen the most to on my bandcamp page.

Note that due to the way bandcamp works, it does not include Eclectic Blah (which is just one album).

10. Fook Yew/People Who Annoy You

The longest trip back in time on this list – to 2007 and Weird Specialist. I like this album, and this track from the album, so I made it the track you hear when you hit up the album on bandcamp, meaning this pick is no surprise.

9. A

Another “first pick” by bandcamp logic, this first large piece on Erlanger Programm is indeed a strong one off the album that shows me at my past best as a large-form composer.

7. Die Kraft der Wassersuppe

We’re in #secretalbum territory, more specificially Verschluckbare Kleinteile. Not the release’s strongest track by my standards, but a great one nonetheless.

7. Kohlmeisen

Akustik Kies: Transitiv Sehen. I like this album more than it deserves. A beautiful track, if somewhat inferior to many others from said album.

6. Chronologically Gifted

An opener that is also cued up first – the only explanation for me why this track from The MoinSound Studio Sessions made it this far. Mind you, it’s not a bad track – I just see others being superior.

5. Ein lustiger Vortrag

We also get Reflexiv Hören in this list, it no doubt was pushed by being the opening and featured track. Still, not a bad choice from a not bad second half of a double album, the first half of which contains…


A track from the second (and so far last) #secretalbum release, this album comes nowhere close to Verschluckbare Kleinteile. But again, it’s one of those “cued up first” examples.

3. Spheres

The opening track from Eclectic Blah‘s self-titled (and so far only) album. Being cued up first or not, Eclectic Blah had a strength for openers (and this one did open one of our concerts), so I’m not unhappy about this at all.

2. Die Sonne scheint Dir aus der Jackentasche

Also a first and cued-up track, again from Transitiv Sehen. While I consider other albums to be stronger, I really, really love this album, for reasons unknown. So all is well.

1. Promenade

The opening track of the first #secretalbum release stands atop this list. Verschluckbare Kleinteile was an effort all right, so that’s also ok.


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