My Top 10 of my Stuff

A few days ago, I looked at my tracks on bandcamp you’ve been listening to the most. Here’s my revenge – my favourites. And it appears there is no overlap.

10. Bottom Freezer

Considering the effort that went into this album, I am almost disappointed that it didn’t make it any higher. The instrumentation of two electric guitars, one electric bass guitar and one electric fridge could be one-of-a-kind, though.

9. Failure Management

From a very personal and introspective album, this track has for some reason also been used by the CBC in a documentation on the Canadian prison system.

8. D

As large composed works go, Erlanger Programm is really my biggest work to date. So it’s hard to pick individual tracks, or for them to make it high on this list.

7. Alexander’s Subbass Theorem

It was hard to pick this one over another candidate from Vektormenschen, the most recent album release represented on this list.

6. Ersatzverkehr

The deep territory of my improvised period. Within Transitiv Sehen, I picked this most sparse track from this album of solo piano stuff.

5. The Porcupine

Eclectic Blah always had a thing for tracks to open a concert. This one has the group at its most prog, and at a really good start into the evening.

4. Totentanz

A short time after I got into Music Weeklies, I got into this group effort, which ended up total anarchy (and I don’t mean this in a bad way). Among all of the tracks here, this is the one where I had the least to do – mix, master, and two short synth lead things.

3. Whitney’s Trick

An album that took ten years to release after the tracks were recorded within a mere week. During this decade, my preferences among the recorded performances changed quite considerably.

2. Transporttheorie und Glas

This time from Reflexiv Hören again, it reminds me of a cross between Pink Floyd and Keith Jarret. There was something wrong with the recording, but the track speaks to me nonetheless.

1. wie groß ist die luft?

For those of you who know how I think about my past (and present) musical adventures, this comes as no surprise. The eponymous track from my 2008 World Tour documentation is not only what I consider a great example of my abilities as a spontaneous composer, it also is drenched in memories of this wonderful experiences. No, I’m not going to argue about this.


The first thing I noticed is that there is no overlap whatsoever with the list of your favourites. The track that is ranked highest in audience favourites, this list’s #1, comes in around place 30.

If I was to group the tracks by musical epoques (which may or may not make sense), we find that the largest single contributor (with 4 tracks) is the “mature improvisational” period from 2008-2011. If we do that as improvised vs. composed era, it’s a 6:4 win for the improvised one.


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