“Baßtelstube” – the new project

A few weeks ago, I asked you what I should do next.

Now, I’ve made my decision…(drumroll):

#secretalbum: Baßtelstube

It’s about stringed bass instruments. Most of which are gonna be bass guitars, of which most are gonna be electric.

A set of sixteen compositions for bass solo, duo and trio lineups. And true to the #secretalbum idea, all of them through-composed, and less than 90 seconds long.

So, with that announcement comes me asking you for help…

“Cattle Call”

Everything regarding the project (including all 16 scores) is found here.

So if you are a bass (as in double bass, or bass guitar) player, why don’t you have a look and volunteer?

And if you’re not a bass player, you could also spread the word…

And finally, here’s another one of the digital mockups for this: the track “Designerkaugummi” for one 4-string fretted and one 6-string fretless bass guitar.


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